The BARITECH project is an initiative between the Polish partners (Gdansk University of Technology, Poznan University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology) and Aquateam COWI AS as the Norwegian partner. A total of 15 researchers will be involved, with 4 bilateral laboratories to be installed and about 5 students to take part in study trips either to Norway or Poland.

The effect of Patrnership in Project

The BARITECH project aims to contribute to the development of the technologies which can be transformed into marketable results, opening new horizons for future cooperation. The project will significantly strengthen the capacity and build competence of researchers, and in this way it will establish a good ground for further cooperation within other European or international programmes. The developed processes and concepts will be utilizable as adding in the current treatment processes as well as building blocks in completely new installations. Joint research and exchange of experiences will allow for development of fruitful collaboration and creation of novel solutions which can be applied in both countries. Expert evaluations will be utilized in defining the targeted schemes having the greatest application potential and the highest level of innovation.